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crystal flip-flop craft

The girls can decorate comfortable, quality spa sandals with sparkly, shiny, high-quality gems in various colours and sizes using a special flip flop glue specially formulated to last.


Photobooth Prop Rentals

Take fun photos with the girls using our playful and silly props!


Friendship Bracelet Craft

The girls can choose any combination of over 100 different colours of thread to make their very own friendship bracelets.


Homemade Beauty Product Crafts

The girls make their very own beauty products such as lip balm, perfume, body butter and more to take home! Makes for a fantastic goody bag addition too! All of our professional quality products come complete with premium packaging and customized product stickers.

per girl
per craft

Lip Gloss Solid (Lip Balm) *most popular

Perfume Roller sticks

Shimmer Cocoa Body Butter

Glitter Body Gel

Nail Polish

Rose Bath Salt Sachets

Benefits of Staff Instruction

Feel Fabulous provides detailed written instructions for parents so they may lead the girls through making their homemade beauty product crafts. Alternatively, our staff would be happy to setup the activity, guide the girls in making their homemade beauty product crafts and clean up the activity for a small additional charge (as per below).

Optional Staff Instruction Charges

Instruction times and costs listed below are approximate and may vary upon final payment if the set-up/activity/clean-up extends beyond the time limit for each activity. The price listed below is based upon 10 or less girls (up to 20 mins per product). For every girl above 10 girls there will be a $2 instruction surcharge (and 2 more minutes added to instruction time), per item.

per craft, per 10 girls or less
(craft cost extra)