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Book Your Spa Birthday Party

To book a spa birthday party, please submit this party booking request and we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm availability of your chosen dates and times.


A technical glitch has happened and our online booking form is down. We are in the midst of getting a new website designed, so for now, please copy and paste these details into an email (or if you prefer not to sign into your email, via the contact form on our website) with your answers, and we would be happy to look into availability for you! Please email your details to:

Desired Time of Spa Party:
Time of Actual Party (time girls are arriving and leaving):
Party/Mailing Address:
Number of Girls:
Desired Add-ons (crafts, goody bags, service add-ons, etc):
Payment Method (either cheque or cash):
Name of Birthday Girl:
Age of Girls:
Bday Girl's Actual Birthday:
Name of Organizing Parent:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Preferred Phone:
Where Did You Hear About Us?:
If Online, Search Terms Used?:

Minimum Charge & Travel Fees

Please note that we typically do require at least $150 worth of services to be performed at a birthday party (not including product or rental add-ons), or a minimum service charge of $150 applies. If a travel fee does apply for your birthday party location, we will notify you of this fee upon confirmation of your party booking request.

Time Of Your Birthday Party

When setting your spa birthday party time, please keep in mind that the spa birthday party portion typically takes approximately 2.5 hours. IMPORTANT: Please have the girls arrive at least 15 minutes before the spa party portion is set to begin (to allow for late arrivals) and have the girls stay at least 30-60 minutes after the spa party portion to allow for additional activities such as opening gifts, eating cake and/or having meals. We recommend that the total party duration be 3 to 3.5 hours at a minimum.

Our Regular Spa Birthday Party Start Times: Saturdays - 12pm or earlier OR 4:30pm or later. Sundays - 11am or earlier OR 3:30pm or later. Mon to Fri - 6:30pm. We can offer alternate times on occasion. Please inquire.

1st Choice
1st Choice Date:
Guests Will Arrive At:
Guests Will Leave At:
Preferred Spa Party Start Time:
2nd Choice
2nd Choice Date:
Guests Will Arrive At:
Guests Will Leave At:
Preferred Spa Party Start Time:

Birthday Party Location

Postal Code:

Birthday Party Package

Choose Party Package:

Price displayed is per girl.

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DIY Beauty Kits

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Add Ons


Mani & Pedi Add-Ons:
hand and/or foot soaks
magic jelly soaks
extra nail art (on all nails)
sugar scrub
chocolate mask
instant-dry/no-smudge top coat
hot stone massage
paraffin treatment
the works! (soak, scrub, mask & massage!)
Hair, Beauty & Craft Add-Ons:

Goody Bags:

Birthday Party Specifics

Method of Payment on Party Day:
  (via cheque is our preferred method of payment)
Number of Girls Invited:
 including birthday girl
Name of Birthday Girl:
Age Birthday Girl is Turning:
Ages of Her Friends:
Her Actual Birthday:

Parent Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Home Phone:
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Mailing/Billing Address:
Postal Code:
Additional Information:

special considerations, allergies, etc

Where Did You Hear About Us?
If Google/Web Search, what search term did you use?

"Spa Birthday Parties", "Girls Mobile Spa Party" etc.


IMPORTANT (Please Read BEFORE Submitting): If you do not hear back from Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa within 24 hours, please contact us via phone as it likely means your booking form may not have been successfully sent to us. Our commitment is to respond to all customer booking forms and inquiries within 24 hours at a maximum, even if we cannot accommodate your desired date and time. After you select the "send request" button below it should prompt you to another page that says "thank you for your submitting your online booking form". If it does not, it means there is an error on this page. Please scroll up and look for the red text telling you which sections still need to be filled out or which sections require that a box be selected. All sections must have text entered or desired add-on boxes checked off (or check off the boxes that say "I do not want add-ons at this time" or "I would like more information").