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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What forms of payment are accepted? Also, are gratuities customary for the spa therapists?

To keep our party prices optimal for our clients, we accept cash and cheques only. We can accept credit cards if no other method is possible (additional charges will apply). Gratuities (in the range of 10-20% of the service value) are customary for beauty professionals that provide spa services. A gratuity suggestion will be noted on the invoice for your convenience. Clients may object to gratuities at any time.

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2. Is there a minimum or maximum amount of girls? Do I need to spend a minimum amount?

As little or as many girls can attend so long as at least $150 in services are received. We can also accommodate large groups. If group facials are part of the spa birthday party package and less than 6 girls participate, a small surcharge may apply.

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3. What are your spa birthday party reservation and cancellation policies?

We welcome short notice birthday party bookings but to avoid disappointment we recommend that you book your spa birthday party well in advance. We are almost always booked within 2 weeks, likely 3 weeks, but often 4 weeks. Even if you do not know which spa birthday party package you would like to go with or the amount of girls, we recommend booking your desired birthday party time and date with us as soon as possible in order to have your choice birthday party date and time.

We require a $75 non-refundable credit card deposit upon booking your spa birthday party. Birthday party cancellations require 3 weeks advance notice. Cancellations occurring in advance of 3 weeks will receive their deposit back in the form of a credit.

We request that clients RSVP at least one week in advance of their party date with a confirmed booking including: number of girls, party package and any additional add-ons. As we do reserve time and staff based upon final confirmations, full services charges will still apply on any late cancellations (within 48 hours of the party) or no show appointments. We will however provide added services of equal value (ie. extra nail art on the girls) in place of the late cancellations and no-shows.

We would like to note that we understand family emergencies and unforeseen circumstances can happen. Even if our cancellation requirements are not met due to such circumstances, we will endeavor to reschedule your event but can only do so if we happen to have availability in our schedule. If we honour the rescheduling of a late cancellation we also require that the party price remains the same or greater than previously booked.

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4. How long will my spa birthday party be?

Our spa birthday parties are approx. 2-3 hours long (most commonly, 2.5 hours) depending upon the spa birthday party package, number of girls and add-on activities. Due to unforeseen circumstances we may run over the allotted time. For this reason, we recommend having parents pick up their children 30 minutes (at a minimum) to 1 hour after our scheduled party end time. Please also ensure to have the girls arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the spa party start time.

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5. What days and times do you hold spa birthday parties?

Our spa birthday parties may be booked everyday from 10am to 9pm. Although we have some flexibility, we usually try to book spa birthday parties at standard times. On Saturdays our first birthday party begins at 12pm or earlier and the second birthday party begins 4:30pm or later. For sleepovers we can do a later start time, such as 5/5:30/6/6:30pm. On Sundays our birthday parties begin at 11am or earlier and 3:30pm or later. If you desire a mid-day birthday party start time on the weekend (ie. 1 or 2pm time) please inquire with us. Monday through Friday our standard start time is 6:30pm. Earlier times may be accommodated upon request and availability.

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6. How many technicians attend a spa birthday party?

The number of technicians we bring to your spa birthday party depends upon the total service value of your spa birthday party (your birthday party package and service add-ons multiplied by the number of girls). When you spend $150 in services (our minimum requirement) you are entitled to one technician, $300 = two technicians, $450 = three technicians and so forth. Please note that products, crafts and rentals are not services and therefore do not could towards your service value. Additional technicians may be brought for an additional charge.

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7. What are your safety policies?

  • One-time use implements wherever possible
  • All brushes, headbands, towels and bath robes are cleaned after each use
  • Makeup is hypo-allergenic
  • Individual product portions used wherever possible
  • Manicure and pedicure bowls cleansed per health department and industry standards with the highest level of chemo-sterilant; disposable pedicure basin liners when working on a mobile basis
  • Comprehensive training for all employees in cross contamination management and spa treatment protocols
  • Parents fill out a consent form, informing us of any allergies or health concerns
  • Comprehensive third-party liability and product insurance

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8. How far do you travel and do you have travel fees?

A standard $15 travel fee applies to all spa birthday party bookings. For spa birthday parties beyond a set zone we will need to charge a slightly increased travel fee, particularly if the spa birthday party occurs outside the city limits of Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

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9. What do I need to prepare in advance for our spa birthday party?

If your spa birthday party package includes our organic facial service we recommend having thinly sliced room temperature cucumbers on hand. We also recommend having a few extra birthday party activities for the girls to do while they wait for their spa services. We have plenty of suggestions we would be happy to share with you!

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10. What setup is required to have a mobile spa birthday party in my home?

We actually only require a very small space (6 feet x 4 feet of floor space approximately). The best setup for manicure/pedicure treatments is having the girls sit on the end seats of a couch. For pedicure services the girls place their feet on a stool and our technicians have a comfortable cushion to sit on, on the floor. For manicure services we place a floating manicure table on the girls' laps. Our technicians sit on a stool in front of the girls while performing their manicure service. We ask that you move any coffee tables away if they are close to the couch, so that our technicians will have room to sit in front of the couch.

Bar stools work wonderfully for the girls to sit on if we are performing hair services, otherwise regular kitchen chairs will do.

Good lighting is essential for our spa technician as is a clean, clutter-free and smoke-free environment. We appreciate removing pets from the party area for the duration we are in attendance. If possible, please leave a parking spot open that is close to the entrance of your home. This ensures we can carry supplies to and from your home safely.

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