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Create Your Own Invitations

You can create your own invitations using our invitation creator. Simply download the PDF file, and fill up the fields with your own party details. The folding instructions are below.

After You Download the PDF

Once you've downloaded the PDF above, it takes a few simple steps to get your invitations out.

Things You Need:
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader (or Preview will do if you're on a Mac)
  • A Printer (Laser is better, but Inkjet will do)
  • Nice printer paper (28lbs or heavier is recommended)
  • Standard invitation envelopes (4.5" Tall, 5.75" Wide is optimal)

You can also choose to have these invitations printed through a professional print shop.

1. Fill out the details

Fill out your party details, such as the title, host, date & time, location etc. Also make notes of what your guests should bring.

2. Print Invitations

If you are printing them at home, make sure you set the print settings so that the whole image scales to fit the paper regions. Alternatively you can have these printed at a professional print shop, and they will print so that the illustrations bleed to the edge of the paper.

3. Fold Invitations

Fold the paper by half, across the polka dots.

And then fold it in half again top-to-bottom of the text. You can glue the blank side of the paper for a better build.