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Kid & Teen Spa Birthday Party Ideas


Make it a Themed Spa Birthday Party

Cupcake/sweets-inspired, princess, pink, pajama, tea party, Monster High... the options endless! In keeping with the theme, get the girls to dress accordingly, such as wearing their favourite princess dress, sleepover attire (pj's, slippers and bath robes), etc!

Custom Spa Birthday Party Invitations

Making spa birthday party invitations is easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is fill in your personalized information, print (or send to a print shop) and then give out to the girls! Click here to create!

Spa-Themed Birthday Activities to Keep the Girls Entertained

Fun games and activities to keep the girls entertained while some of the girls are receiving their mobile spa services!

Spa-Themed Colouring Sheets

Keep the girls entertained with cute and girly colouring sheets of all of our characters! You can download our colouring sheets here! Afterwards, you can have all the girls privately vote on the best colouring sheet, with the winner winning a prize! (be sure to give out consolation prizes to the other girls!)

Decorate Sugar Cookies or Cupcakes

Mix up different icing colours for the girls to use and have them decorate with various toppings such as sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, smarties and more!

Make Spalicious Sundaes

Scoop a few scoops of ice cream into waffle bowls. Have the girls decorate their sundae with various toppings (chocolate chips, nuts, gummy bears, etc), drizzle with various syrups, fruit toppings and then enjoy!

Make Spa-Smoothies

Set out bowls of fresh strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas, pineapples and more, along with some yogurt and fruit juice (and ice if your blender blends ice). Have each girl pick a combination of fruit for her very own smoothie!

Spalicious Candy Bracelets

Set out bowls of looped candy – sour keys, sour apple loops, lifesavers and more. Use regular string, candy strings or Twizzler Pull n’ Peels (separating the strings) to “thread” the candy onto the bracelet. If using candy string, use a sticky candy like Fruit Roll-Ups to seal the end of the bracelet, and voilà, the girls will have their very own candy bracelets!

DIY Homemade Beauty Products

With your supervision or with ours, the girls can create their very own homemade beauty products like lip balm, perfume, body butter, nail polish and more to take home. Makes for a great goody bag addition too!For more information on our homemade beauty crafts, view our selection here.

Brother Butler

"Hire" the birthday girl's little or big brother to cater to the birthday girl and her friends for the duration of the party. He can prepare food, bring the girls beverages and cater to their every whim!.

Tween Spa Relaxation Room

Have a room off to the side where the girls can listen to spa music, read magazines and relax. Light candles, have fluffy pillows, blankets and cucumbers for a relaxing eye treatment.

Fashion Show

Get the girls to bring a few of their favourite fashion show outfits and accessories. Using Pink Carpet and Feather Boa Rentals from Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa, you can teach them how to do a catwalk (don't forget the fashion show music!). Or, you could add on a Pink Carpet Runway Upgrade and we would be happy to teach the girls for you! This idea compliments well with hair-updo’s and makeup applications.

Supermodel Photoshoots

Get the girls to come in their favourite party outfit, let us do their hair and makeup, then take glamour shots of each girl and as a group! Add on our photobooth prop rentals for some extra fun photos!

Make Take-Home Plants/Flower Pots

A great spring and summer idea! Have the girls paint small ceramic planters, let them dry for an hour, then plant flowers, mini plants or seeds inside of them. Be sure to make custom cards for the girls to take home with instructions for care!

Decorate Flip Flops with Crystals, Gems & Jewels
Decorate Handheld Mirrors with Crystals, Gems & Jewels
Make Friendship Bracelets

Game Suggestions


Always a popular game! For younger girls, something soft like a feather boa can be used.

Pass the Prize Package

Wrap a prize in newspaper or wrapping paper. Wrap that prize one more time and seal. Repeat a few more times. Place another price on top, wrap and seal. Ensure you have enough prizes for all the girls attending the party. Eventually the "prize package" will be quite large with all the prizes and wrapping layers. Have the girls sit in a circle. Put on some music and get the kids to pass around the prize package. When the music stops whoever is holding the package opens a layer and keeps the prize if they find one. If they already have a prize, they pass the package to the closest person on their right who does not have a prize. Keep going until the prize package is all unwrapped and all the girls have a prize!

Name that Tune

Divide the kids into pairs or teams. Play the first few lines or bars from a song and get the kids to guess the title and artist. Give points for correct answers and see who can be named “DJ of the year”.

Freeze Dance

Have the girls dance to the sound of music. As soon as the music stops all the girls have to freeze in their positions. Whoever moves when the music stops is out of the game. Keep going till there is only one child left!

Two Truths And A Lie

Have all girls sit in a circle. Have one girl start by saying two truths and a lie, everyone has to guess which is true and which is a lie.

Spa Relay Race

Step 1: Put a pair of slippers, a towel and a bathrobe at each end of the starting line.

Step 2: Divide the guests evenly into two teams.

Step 3: Line the teams up at each end of the start line, single file. Everyone should remove their shoes.

Step 4: When you yell 'GO!', each team's first player runs to the other end of the line, puts on the robe and slippers, and wraps her head in a towel. She then runs back to her teammates, removes everything and hands all items to the next girl on the team. The next girl puts it all the items on, runs to the other side, comes back, the rest of the girls repeat.

Step 5: Keep going until one team gets all their players to the goal line and back. Whichever team finishes first is the winner!

Hand Squeeze Race

The girls sit in a circle and the circle is divided down the middle. Each side is a team. In the middle of the circle is a prize, When the coordinator says go, the girls have to one at a time squeeze each other's hand in order from the first to the last person and only when they feel the person ahead of them squeeze their hand. When the last person on the team feels her hand get squeezed she has to stand up spin around three times and lunge for the prize in the middle. First one there is the winning team!


You can never go wrong with a Piñat a!

Talent Show

This is a great option if the group of girls have one thing in common – they all love to dance and perform! Let them each have a chance to shine, on their own or in small groups!


Using your karaoke machine, or a rental, have all the girls sing along to their favourite tunes. If the kids are shy, get them to sing in pairs or groups!

Princess/Fairy Game Suggestions

Ballet Freeze

Freeze dance but with a ballet twist - Be sure to put on ballet music for a lot of fun and giggles! Winner is Prima Ballerina and gets a crown/tutu!

Find the Fairy/Princess

One child is selected as the fairy or princess and should get dressed appropriately. They are given 30 seconds to hide. When the time is up, the rest of the kids are allowed to search. First person to find the fairy or princess gets to be the fairy or princess in the next round!

Fairy, Fairy (or Princess, Princess)

One child sits in the centre of a circle, blindfolded while the other kids sit in a circle around her. The kids choose one person to hold/hide the fairy/princess wand. When ready, they say a rhyme, "fairy, fairy", (or "princess, princess") where's your wand? Someone stole it, where's it gone?" The princess/fairy who was blindfolded takes off the blindfold and rejoins the group. She has 3 chances to guess which child in the group has it. If the princess/fairy guesses correctly, they remain the princess/fairy. If she is unable to guess who has the wand, the person hiding the wand becomes the fairy/princess for the next round. (Option: the blindfolded person can wear a fairy or princess costume)

Fairy or Princess Prize Pop (Balloon pop)

Have a bunch of balloons in the middle of the room. The kids must pop the balloons to get the prize inside, one of which is a fairy or princess trinket. First person to find the trinket is the winner!

Toilet Paper Princess

Two teams get a roll of toilet paper and a roll of tape each. They must decide who will be the princess. Each team has 5 minutes to create a dress for their princess. An adult will be selected as "judge" and will decide a winner!

Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty!

One child is chosen as Sleeping Beauty. The remaining kids will each have 10 seconds to try and make Sleeping Beauty laugh. If they succeed, they get to be Sleeping Beauty in the next round. Rules: You cannot touch Sleeping Beauty but you can use props, make funny faces and sounds!

The Princess and The Frog

Step 1: Write the word 'frog' on one slip of paper.

Step 2: Write the names of other animals on all the other pieces. Be sure you have at least one piece of paper for each guest.

Step 3: Fold each piece of paper, and put it in the bag, bowl or hat.

Step 4: Choose one guest to be the princess. You may want to have the girls draw straws, or guess the number you're thinking of to make it fair.

Step 5: All the other guests form a circle around the princess.

Step 6: Have all the guests pick a piece of paper until someone gets the one that says 'frog.'

Step 7: Blindfold and spin the princess.

Step 8: The princess then says, "with this kiss, the frog becomes a prince." The guests then all start making animal sounds, but only the child that has the paper that says frog may 'ribbit'. The princess should walk towards the frog, using the ribbit sounds as her guide. When she thinks she knows who the frog is, she should hand that guest the kiss. If she guesses right, the frog gets to keep the kiss. If she guesses wrong, then the guest gives back the kiss, and the guest must sit out. Once the frog is discovered the frog then gets to play the princess!